Thrift shops – part 2

A lot of the time I feel like a failure as a parent. God lost 1/3 of the Host of Heaven, and I tell myself that my 1/2 is acceptable, since who am I to think I can do as well as or better than God? My friend Gordon says that if there’s a way to make something my fault, I’ll find that way. So I’m pretty hard on myself about all things, mothering included.

But there are days when I feel like Mother of the Year, and today was one of those days. Olivia’s birthday is Monday; she’ll be ten years old. And as part of what will be a week-long celebration (I’m working Monday, so her party will be Friday – a good excuse to draw out the festivities all week), we began the day with a drive to Chillicothe, where we had breakfast at McDonald’s – inside; no drive-through today. Then we went to the movie theater and caught the 10:00 special showing of the “Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2,” which I confess I actually enjoyed.

But the best part was taking Olivia to Goodwill and telling her: Pick whatever you want. I was a little concerned that she might fancy something like a 1980s coffee table or something equally unwieldy, ugly, and too big for my car. But no, she immediately lit upon a television. A transparent television — see-through.

When she turned to me with eyes shining as brightly as I’ve ever seen them and said, “Can I have it, can I have it?” of course I had to say yes. I explained that it wouldn’t be hooked up to “real television,” only our VCR. Somehow that seems appropriate – outdated video system, outdated TV. A match made in, well, Goodwill, actually.

For a mere $15, I got to hear myself called the “best mother in the world,” was given repeated hugs for the next ten minutes, and was informed that “this is the best day ever!”

I was curious, though, about the way the television is see-through. Just curious. So I did a quick google of “transparent television. Here is what I found:

This is a Zenith 13-inch CRT TV, and I’m sure you probably don’t want it.
However, there was a time when prisons needed stuff like this for “in-cell prison entertainment”. You see, the prisoners can smuggle contraband in this TV, but not if the shell is completely transparent.
Well, you can get it for about $400 on eBay at this present time.

I admit to having been a little curious about the various numbers scratched into the top of the television.  And there is a correctional center in Chillicothe.  Just sayin’…

But Olivia is sitting in her room watching “Shrek,” which we also got on VHS for 99 cents at Goodwill today, wearing my cordless headphones (we can’t get the sound to work without headphones – maybe the TV doesn’t have external speakers?), and she’s giggling louder than normal – probably the headphones making her extra loud.  It is sweet music to my ears, this little girl of mine who thinks that outdated prison-issued technology makes me “the best mommy in the world.”  And at least for tonight, I’ll allow myself to believe that I am.



One thought on “Thrift shops – part 2

  1. Her cousins (J, B, and E3) are going to be about as green as Shrek when they hear about this.
    And getting to be the best mommy in the world for $15 rather than $400 is a pretty good deal! LOL.

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